Who Will Implement Your Estate Plan?

If you have created an estate plan, or hope to create one, the selection of Successor Trustee is critical. Your plan is only as good as the one implementing it, and this short article will help you determine if you have made the right choice for you, and your loved ones. First, let’s be clear…Details

A Cautionary Tale

Pamela Harriman, Clark Clifford and Paul Warnke were the crème de la crème of Washington politics, luminaries of the D.C. establishment and among the veritable best and brightest of the American political scene. Pamela had used her inheritance and status as the widow of Averell Harriman to enhance her lifestyle and advance her party’s political…Details

When it’s time for a tuneup

My dad was a mechanic – a pretty good one from all accounts.  He’s always liked fixing things.     As a kid, I recall hearing “a mechanic’s car is always the worst”.   It may well have been mum who yelled it whenever my brothers and I were push-starting her 1964 Ford Cortina in a…Details

Who needs a Professional Fiduciary?

Vice-Chair Marguerite Lorenz presents to the Purposeful Planning Institute exploring the many hats worn by Independent Trustees so professionals may better identify when it is appropriate to engage one to serve their clients.

Chicago Syndicated Financial Columnist Recognizes ITA

Terry Savage, Chicago based syndicated financial columnist for the Tribune Content Agency, mentions the option of using a member of the Independent Trustee Alliance in response to a question about finding an executor or trustee.

First Annual Conference: May 2019

Professionals from six different States came together May 16-17, 2019 in Dallas, Texas for the First Annual Conference of the Independent Trustee Alliance. Independent Trustees, Family Office executives, Estate Planning Attorneys, Family Consultants, Wealth Managers and Insurance Professionals spent two days engaged in deep discussions about the role and unlimited future of the Independent Trustee.…Details

Essentials of Trustee Liability Insurance presented by Judith Pearson

Insurance policies in general can be confusing. Special coverage such as errors and omissions can be maddening to understand.  Judith Pearson of Nomadx Solutions will break down what coverages are “must-haves” for any Trustee Liability Policy and introduce a new program available to ITA members.