The Independent Trustee Alliance (ITA) is made of trustees, fiduciaries, and family consultants who operate autonomously or within family offices. Its mission is to promote recognition of the role of “Independent Trustee” through activities such as marketing initiatives, continuing education programs, workshops, and conferences. In fact, we envision a future where advisors can confidently recommend an ITA-certified trustee to their clients. The Independent Trustee Alliance warmly welcomes membership from individuals currently serving as independent trustees, those aspiring to become one, and professionals in related fields who embrace and endorse this crucial concept.

ITA provides a “Find a Professional” directory to help clients get connected with those who can aid them for a large number of services. Our extensive network of highly qualified professionals enables us to match clients with the right individuals who possess the expertise and experience to effectively meet their unique needs. 

You can trust that the members of our organization are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate complex fiduciary responsibilities. Whether you, or your client, seek expert education in trusts and estates topics, guidance on estate planning, wealth preservation, or family governance, ITA members are trusted advisors who prioritize their clients’ best interests. Through this valuable partnership, clients can confidently navigate intricate financial matters, knowing they are supported by reputable and ITA Certified professionals dedicated to the clients’ long-term success.

Why Use An Independent Trustee?

There are several advantages to selecting an Independent Trustee to serve you in the event of incapacity, resignation or death. Here are three key benefits:

  1. Objectivity and Impartiality: An Independent Trustee (IT) is free from conflicts of interest that may arise for bank trust officers working for a corporation’s shareholders. An IT’s objective decision-making ensures fairness and impartiality in managing the trust’s assets and making critical fiduciary decisions for the benefit of the Trustor, and the Trustor’s beneficiaries.
  2. Expertise and Specialization: ITs often specialize in trust and estate management, dedicating their entire practice to this field. This specialization provides motivation to stay up-to-date with evolving regulations and industry trends. No two cases are exactly alike, and we learn from each experience.
  3. Personalized and Client-Centric Approach: Independent Trustees can provide individualized attention and focus on understanding the unique circumstances and goals of the trust and its beneficiaries. ITs are able to serve in roles often forbidden to corporate trustees (such as; Agent under Power of Attorney for Financial Decisions or Agent for Health Care Decisions). This level of personalized service enables them to adapt strategies, make informed decisions, and foster stronger relationships built on trust and communication.
Overall, choosing an Independent Trustee (IT) offers clients the advantages of objectivity, specialized expertise, and a personalized approach, ensuring the trust’s management aligns closely with the beneficiaries’ best interests and specific needs.