Seeking a professional to serve as a trustee, executor, or agent in your estate plans now or in the future? Here is a great way to get started in your search. Our members specialize in various trustee-related capacities, serving in many states. While our membership requirements are structured so that our members are professional, educated, and capable, a listing here should not be considered an endorsement or guarantee of their services. No matter what your needs are, you may find an ITA member who can assist you.

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Independent trustees offer several advantages compared to corporate trustees. Firstly, their objectivity and impartiality ensure fair and unbiased decision-making, as they are free from conflicts of interest that may arise in a corporate setting. Secondly, independent trustees often specialize in trust and estate management, dedicating their entire practice to this field. This specialization drives them to stay updated with evolving regulations and industry trends, ensuring they provide the most informed advice. Additionally, independent trustees have a smaller client base, allowing them to provide personalized attention and focus on understanding the unique circumstances and goals of the trust and its beneficiaries. This personalized approach enables them to adapt strategies, make informed decisions, and build stronger relationships based on trust and effective communication.


When you use our directory, you are taking a step towards being connected with a professional you can trust. By utilizing a member of the ITA, you are ensuring that your professional will adhere to our standards of membership, including requirements in education, certification, and character standards. An ITA certification signifies professionalism and commitment to upholding the highest standards.


All ITA certified professionals are held to our high standards of membership, but there are additional requirements for different certifications. All ITA members, at every level, are required to abide by our Code of Ethics.

An ITA Certified Independent Trustee will have received at least 50 hours of continuing education in a relevant subject over the past five years, as well as a BA or BS, 3-5 years of experience as a trustee, and five professional references. And ITA Master Certified Independent Trustee, in addition, is required to receive at least 100 hours of relevant continuing education, and at least 10 years of experience.