Certified Indpendent Trustee

Pinnacle Fiduciary Services was founded to serve as a private, independent trustee for beneficiaries, and to serve as co-trustee with family members who have been named as trustee and are in need additional support for their trustee duties. As an independent trustee advisor, PFS has no external relationships or obligations other than to our clients — we assume the utmost responsibility to the trust document and the law, in providing our services to beneficiaries.

PFS serves in a range of roles as an independent trustee. We frequently collaborate with the trust creator and his or her team of financial advisors and attorneys to administer a trust according to the creators’ wishes. Our experience includes serving as a trustee for special needs trusts, insurance trusts, charitable remainder trusts, and more. In each representation, we serve as a single point of contact for all stakeholders, working to deliver clear, pragmatic instructions and information to all parties. In this role, we also serve as a single constant for multiple generations within a family, and we are able to tailor our services to each party’s needs.


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Services Offered

Trustee, Trustee - Successor, Trustee - Co-Trustee, Trustee - Coach / Consultant, Attorney

Types of Trusts / Specialties

Businesses in Trusts, Real Estate in Trusts

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