I work to utilize my more than 20 years of experience, along with my MSW and MBA. My MBA (Master of Business Administration) enhances my business acumen and strategic thinking. My MSW (Master of Social Work) provides valuable insights into social services, counseling, community resources, and other avenues of support often overlooked. My services include: 1. Power of Attorney (POA) and Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA): I do accept designations as POA and MPOA to provide a layer of support that allows clients to avoid guardianship, as well as to have an advocate and a voice. This is a more supportive, less expensive path that services many well. POA covers financial matters, while MPOA focuses on healthcare decisions -- I accept both to provide complete support. 2. Certified Private Professional Guardianship is another support service provided: Being certified as a Private Professional Guardian in Texas allows me to advocate for vulnerable individuals who need assistance with decision-making. 3. Partnerships with Professionals: Collaborating with wealth advisors, trust officers, attorneys, and physicians ensures comprehensive support for clients and their families. By handling fiduciary and support tasks, I free up their time to focus on specialized expertise. With a special focus on seniors and special needs adults, I work to maximize the use of benefits and minimize personal spending, which focuses on the retention of personal assets. 4. Private Care Management: My support to seniors and special needs adults involves addressing various aspects of their lives, including physical, mental, and financial. Thinking outside the box allows me to tailor solutions to each individual’s unique circumstances. My holistic approach benefits those I serve while maintaining professional standards.


Accepting New Clients

Accepts Trusts/Business in Other States

Services Offered

Trustee, Trustee - Special Needs, Trustee - Successor, Senior / Home Health Care Coordinator

Types of Trusts / Specialties

Hold Durable Power of Attorney, Hold Medical Power of Attorney

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